*November 30, 2020

Due to the issues surrounding COVID-19, Multisportscanada is following the guidelines as set out by the Alberta Health Services.


We will be abiding by the rule of a max 75 attendees for each event/distance.  


All participants will be notified about the symptoms of Covid-19 as well as be provided a link to the AHS self-assessment tool.


We will keep records of the assigned start time of each participant.  Used in conjunction with the event race results, we will be able to track participants that may be impacted by a positive COVID-19 test result by a ‘post event’ participant. 

All required information will be made available to the Alberta Health Services, if needed.


All participants will be notified to keep a minimum of 2 meters from each other (unless from the same family).

This will be implemented during the event by:

  • Race will be similar to a time trial event.  We will start race 'waves' with groups of 20 athletes.  Each athlete will be spaced out 2m apart on the startline to help disperse runners and avoid congregation.
  • Each Wave will start 2 minutes apart
  • Each participant chooses their start time, which MUST be respected (e.g. 10:08 am).
  • Participants will be asked to not arrive at the start/finish area more than 20 minutes before start time.
  • Once the race is completed, participants will be asked to leave the site.  There will be no post-event festivities (awards, etc)
  • Event routes are held on wide trail systems allowing for ample spacing to pass
  • Participant Requirements:
    • Encouragement to wear facemask at the event site or for times when they might not be able to properly distance themselves from one another.
    • * masks are not required during the race itself, but are highly recommended as an extra protective measure during the events. 


All volunteers/staff at the event site will be wearing face masks.  Any volunteer that has to be in close contact with a participant (eg. providing a race bib, tshirt, medal) will be wearing gloves.

We will notify participants of proper respiratory etiquette (e.g., coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow, promptly disposing of used tissues in a lined garbage bin)  and to avoid spitting during the run - or ensure there are no other participants in the vicinity when doing so.


If local health authorities approve it, we may provide pre-packaged snacks to athletes at the finish line.  Any pre-packaged snacks will be distributed by a masked and gloved volunteer.  Snacks may include:

  • Prepackaged cookies
  • Bananas & oranges
  • Granola/sport bars


Given the nature of foot races and the need for hydration, 2 water stations will be made available along the route.  There will be 1 station also available at the start/finish area.
Participants will be notified that the event is ‘cup free’ and that they must provide their own hydration container.  

There will be two methods of disbursing water:

  1. A volunteer (wearing a mask) will be the ‘station host’ and will fill the participants container by pressing the release valve on the water jug.  The participant will have to hold the container.
  2. The participant can fill their container.  After the participant departs, the volunteer will wipe down the release valve with a disinfectant


  • If the event cannot take place in 2021 due to COVID-19, the participant will have the following options:
    • Free entry in the 2021 Virtual Event and will receive the event t shirt and finisher medal
    • Deferral to the 2022 event, less a $20 admin fee
  • If the event is postponed to a future date in 2021, the participant will have the following options:
    • Free entry in the 2021 Revised Event Date
    • Free entry in the 2021 Virtual Run and will receive the event t shirt and finisher medal