We've rekindled the Caribou Loppet - with a twist!

This 35k event will offer both individual and relay (2 and 4 member) options.


Sub-event NOV 1 - DEC 14 DEC 15 -FEB 16 FEB 17-MAR 6
35k Caribou Loppet Individual Ski (Saturday) CA$55.00 CA$60.00 CA$70.00
35k Caribou Loppet - 2 Person Relay (Saturday) CA$30.00 CA$35.00 CA$40.00
35k Caribou Loppet - 4 Person Relay (Saturday) CA$20.00 CA$25.00 CA$30.00



Friday, March 6th

  • Location:Jasper Source for Sports at 406 Patricia Street..tel. 780 852 3654.
  • Time:  4:00pm- 8:00 p.m.
  • You will pick up your bib and race kit!

Saturday, March 7th

  • Location: Start Area Near Warming Tent - Athabasca Falls
  • Time: 9:00 am – 9:55 am


The event will start just west of the Athabasca Falls parking area.   Please follow the directions of volunteers and course signage.

10am  - Individual/Relay Teams Skate Start

10:05am - Individual/Relay Teams Classic Start


Athletes start at Athabasca Falls and head north along Leach Lake Trail to Whirlpool Hub.  Athletes turn west and head up Whirlpool Trail to the turnaround at Moab Lake. Athletes return the same way and turn west again at the Athabasca River Snowshoe Trail.  Turnaround at the Fryatt Trailhead and return to the finish.

The Relay division offers 2 and 4 member options.  

  • 2 member Relay
    • Leg 1 - Start to Whirlpool Hub, to Moab Lake and back to Whirlpool Hub
    • Leg 2 - Whirlpool Hub back following the remainder of the course
  • 4 member
    • Leg 1 - Start to Whirlpool Hub
    • Leg 2 - Whirlpool Hub to turnaround at Moab Lake and back
    • Leg 3 - Whirlpool Hub to Athabasca River turnoff
    • Leg 4 - Athabasca River turnoff to Fratt Trailhead and back to finish



Parking is available at Athabasca Falls.  For participants on relay teams, Leg 2&3 can park at Whirlpool Hub.  Note:  It is the teams responsibility to be at their starting point.




  • At temperatures of -20C (without the wind-chill), the events may be run at the Race Committee’s discretion, under a modified format (such as a shortened course or a modified start time). The Race Committee will consider the temperature trends, wind chill factors, and track conditions expected during the event before making their decision.
  • At temperatures below -25C, the events will be cancelled.
  • At any air temperature, any difficult weather conditions such as strong winds, high air humidity, heavy snow, or icy track conditions will result in the Race Committee consulting with the leaders of the participating teams to modify, postpone or cancel  the competition.
  • A decision to cancel may be made prior to race day based on the forecast or snow conditions, or it may be made on race day based on current weather conditions and the forecast. Event updates and/or the final decision will be posted on our website if possible; however, it is best to contact the organizing club for last minute event information.


Volunteers are needed: registration, aid station, family activities, lap sweeping and more.  Contact us to view available volunteer shifts and to sign up.